Professional small work utility vehicle manufacturer

KOMACHA was launched in April 2014. In fact, we have been successful in special vehicle business for over two decades. Now, we are about to write a new history in automobile industry in the Republic of Korea. In particular, our small work utility vehicles are the nation’s best which can substitute the imported ones. We are going to eliminate the inconvenience of current vehicles and respond to our clients’ needs with creative management.

We promise that we will keep working hard to provide the best products and services, taking client satisfaction as our top priority.


Evolve into a global small giant. Based on advanced technology, we will become an industry leader in small work utility vehicles. We are going to create better futures. We build products, taking our client’s environment, safety and convenience as our top priority.

Literally means ‘small object’ and ‘midget’

A wheeled, self-powered motor used to transport people or goods

KOMACHA is a combined word of ‘KOMA’ and ‘CHA.’ We are a professional manufacturer of small work utility vehicles.